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Impact of Teach Active on improving children’s retention of Maths and English and developing physical literacy


Impact of Teach Active on improving children’s retention of Maths and English and developing physical literacy

Prior to Teach Active

At Winsford High Street we strived to include cross-curricular links throughout our subject areas however we were aware that this did not always link directly to PE or physical activity in a lesson. We carried out assessments in PE to identify main areas of weakness in children’s physical literacy through Amaven. This assessment highlighted that children were working at an expected level for agility however their strength, flexibility, and coordination were below an expected level for children of their age. At Winsford High Street some staff were producing active lessons to build in the curriculum however this was not a whole school approach and was something that we aimed to change. Through Teach Active, we aimed to build staff confidence through great resources and planning which would allow staff the opportunity to provide children with engaging and active lessons.

Why we chose Teach Active

As a school, we were aware that children’s physical literacy had dropped as well as their physical levels due to the COVID 19 pandemic and we aimed to do as much physical activity as possible to help to improve this along with providing new and existing maths and English lessons. We were aware of the huge benefits which physical literacy and engaging lessons can have on the retention of learning for all pupils and aimed to produce an exciting curriculum for all.

Impact of Teach Active

Teach Active has had a positive impact on the physical literacy of children across the school. As a school, we have carried out Summer PE assessments through Amaven to access the progress made by children during the academic year as well identifying the impact with another lockdown has had on children’s physical skills. The results from the assessment showed that children on average had developed their agility skills by 3.16%. It also identified a significant development in strength which increased by 11.80% and object control which increased by 19.69%. We have also noticed a development in children’s retention of subject knowledge in the areas which have been taught through Teach Active lesson plans.

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